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Listed below are a variety of pages that can be printed and colored.

Animal Coloring pages.pdf  Bird Maze.pdf
Bison.pdf Cheetah.pdf
Chimp.pdf  Clownfish.pdf
Earth Day Coloring Book.pdf  Coralsnake.pdf
Dolphin.pdfFish Maze.pdf
Frog Maze.pdfGecko.pdf
Giraffe.pdfHorse Maze.pdf
Koala.pdf Macaw.pdf
Mockbird.pdf Orca.pdf
Puppy Maze.pdfPuppy.pdf
Turtle Maze.pdf 

 The Illinois State Soil is "Drummer Soil"

 Click on the image to print and color the state soil


The following are the Newsletters that are handed out to the 2nd and 3rd graders each year in Fayette County. Print and Enjoy!

Nuts About Nature 2002.pdf
Nuts About Nature 2003.pdf
Nuts About Nature 2004.pdf
Nuts About Nature 2005.pdf
Nuts About Nature 2006.pdf
Nuts About Nature 2007.pdf
Nuts About Nature 2007-2.pdf
Nuts About Nature 2009.pdf
Nuts About Nature 2010.pdf
Nuts About Nature 2010-2.pdf
Nuts About Nature 2011
Nuts About Nature 2011-2
Nuts About Nature 2012
Nuts About Nature 2013
Nuts About Nature 2013-2
Nuts About Nature 2014
Nuts About Nature 2015
Nuts About Nature 2015-2
Nuts About Nature 2016
Nuts About Nature 2016-2

Please check back regularly for added information.

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